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Halal Declaration

  Halal Declaration


Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to these guidelines gathered from the Qur'an, Muslim followers cannot consume the following (also known as haraam or forbidden in Islam):
  Animals not slaughtered properly.
  Animals that are slaughtered in the name of a god other than Allah (enunciating this blessing at     the point the animal yields its life is the single most important aspect of halal meat)
  Carnivorous mammals
  Pork or pork by-products (ex. marshmallows, gelatin, jello)
  Animals that were dead prior to slaughtering
  Blood and blood by-products
  Birds of prey

Muslims are taught through the Qur'an that all animals should be treated with respect and well cared for. Muslims claim that Islamic law aims to keep the world ecology balanced in a stable and healthy way.

One intention is to slaughter the animal in a way that limits its suffering or pain. The jugular vein is cut in a way that cuts off oxygen to the brain and pain receptors. Blood is completely drained from the carcass as much as is practical.

Islam has laws regarding which foods can and cannot be eaten and also on the proper method of slaughtering an animal for consumption, known as dhabihah.

Halal Declaration

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