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  Food Radiation


Food irradiationexposes food to the equivalent of 30 million chest X-rays. Irradiation creates new chemicals in foods called radiolytic products. Some of these products are known cancer-causing substances (like benzene in irradiated beef). Others are unique to the irradiation process and no one knows what effects these have on human health. Irradiation destroys essential vitamins and nutrients that are naturally present in food. No studies have been done to show that a long-term diet of irradiated foods is safe. Safer, well-tested alternatives to irradiation exist.

  Adverse Effects of Food Radiation

  Foods that have been exposed to ionizing radiation have second-rate nutrition and "counterfeit    freshness." Irradiated fats tend to become rancid. Even at low doses, some irradiated foods    lose 20% of vitamins such as C, E, K, and B complex. Because irradiation breaks down the     food's cell walls, accelerated vitamin losses occur during storage--up to 80%.
  Ionizing radiation knocks electrons out of atoms and creates free radicals. These free radicals   react with food components, creating new radiolytic products, some of which are toxic     benzene, formaldehyde, lipid peroxides and some of which may be unique to irradiated foods.    No one knows the long term impact of eating unknown quantities of these damaged foods.     Studies on animals fed irradiated foods have shown increased tumors, reproductive failures and    kidney damage. Chromosomal abnormalities occurred in children from India who fed freshly     irradiated wheat.
  Radioactive water escaped from an irradiation facility and get poured into drains that emptied     into the public sewer system, which can cause Environmental Hazards.
  Irradiation doesn't kill all bacteria; those that survive are radiation-resistant. Eventually these     bacteria will require higher doses of radiation. Irradiation doesn't kill the bacterium that causes     botulism, or viruses. It can't be used on dairy products, a major source of food poisoning.
  Irradiation changes the chemical formula of the material as it changes chemical structure of the     material little bit.

Food RadiationFood RadiationFood Radiation



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