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  Amino Acid Chelates

Amino Acid Powder is the widely used plant growth promoters in the agriculture sector. Generally applied as base fertilizer on varied types of agricultural crops, these chemicals have direct or indirect affect on the physiological activities of the plant. There are number of benefits of using this amino acid powder in the agriculture field, that include improving the color, preservation and flavor of fruits, facilitating the plant to generate its own proteins and increasing the crop resistance power against adverse weather conditions.

  Target Crops

Turf grass, orchards, ornamental trees and shrubs, containerized plants, flower gardens and all types of field crops.


  It can be used as base fertilizers for all types of crops
  Act as a Plant growth promoter.
  An economical and organic source of naturally derived water soluble nitrogen.
  Very easy to handle. Soluble in water in just moments.
  No soil leaching, phytotoxicity (plant burn) or risk of salt accumulation.
  Nutrient rich in amino acids and peptides.
  Improves uptake of both inorganic and organic forms of nitrogen


POTENCY:                Powder

PACKAGING:           As required

EXPIRY:                  18 months.

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