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  Fulvic Acid

This is the most plant active of the humic acid compounds. Due to its bio nutrient it has the power to dissolve, convert, and to chelates trace minerals, for making them readily and highly absorbable to the plant especially through the root system It helps in root growth which magnifies obvious benefits for root crops. It has enormous potential to heal soil and neutralize radioactive and toxic wastes from it. Moreover, of Fulvic Acid Powder chelates and binds scores of minerals into a bio-available form used by cells. Fulvic acid has calcium, which enables to apply on low calcium soils. As it penetrates in the plants stomata, it allows leaf to absorb nutrients very rapidly in foliar applications. Low molecular weight humic acid acts as a immobilizer and molecularly heavy minerals helps to transport them into plant tissues for faster growth and bigger yields.

  Target Crops

Suitable for all crops.


  As detoxifying agent in the soil.
  It increases plant metabolism, nutrient in take and will help with root development.
  Created in soil by composting and can rejuvenate soil.
  Excellent supplement to fertilizers to improve nutrient absorption.
  An improvement in soil structure.
  An increase in fertility.
  A biostimulant effect.
  Enhances photosynthesis and respiration.
  Makes aggregates in soil produce better oxygenated penetration.
  Prevents NPK from leaching.


POTENCY:                Cake Form

PACKAGING:           As required

EXPIRY:                  18 months.

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