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  Seed Coating Polymer

Seed coating polymer allows better utilization of applied insecticides to seed for seed protection. It is recommend to be used along with Insecticides, fungicides such as Imodachlopride, Metalaxyl, and Captan for better performance of seeds Seed Coating Polymers are useful in binding required insecticide, fungicide to the seed surface & allow the release of the same when the seeds are sown to improve the pest resistance in early stages of crop development. Thus the pesticidal, fungicidal performance is greatly enhanced using the Seed Coating Polymer Various colors of Seed Coating Polymers allows to differentiate the various varieties of same seed. Smart Cote is available in Shiny as well Neutral Clear Polymer.

  Target Crops

Cotton, maize, pearl millet, bajra, sunflower, mustard, okra, ladyfinger for tomato, chilly etc.


Along with insecticide 3 to 5 grams per kg of seed for cotton, maize, pearl millet, bajra, sunflower, mustard, okra, ladyfinger & 20-30 grams for tomato, chilly etc.

  Precise and even distribution of agrochemical treatments.
  Carrier of seed-applied crop protection products.
  It act as Strong binding agent.
  Higher visibility in the field.
  Easy to identify Product
  Increased shelf life
  Reduction in dust exposure.


POTENCY:               Powder

PACKAGING:          As required

EXPIRY:                  18 months.

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seed film coating polymers, filmcoating seed, polymer coating, polymer seed coating, seed coating polymer, seed coating polymer exporter, seed surface coating