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  Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Pseudomonas Florescence bacteria have a strong oxidant power that helps them break down environmental pollutants and provide useful enzymes and oxygen for plant growth. This bacterium enters the plant system and act as a systemic bio control agent against diseases. Pseudomonas Florescence biocide for control of black rot and blister blight diseases.

They help in uptake of nutrient and also produce plant growth promoting substance. Iron chelating siderophore antibiotic, hydrogen cyanide and lytic enzymes (Cellulase, Chitnase and protease) produced by Pseudomonas are directly involved in the reduction of plant pathogen and induce plant resistance.


Suitable for all crops

  Target Pests

Highly effective to control diseases like root rot, stem rot, collar rot, wilt, blights, leaf spots, anthracnose, alternaria and downy & powdery mildew.

  Product Advantages

»  It improves soil quality with subsequent uses.
»  It should not be mixed with antibacterial agents and inorganic fertilizers.
»  It effectively protects the plant from wilt, root rot, soft rot, blight and damping off effect.
»  It also controls the rice blast and sheath blight of paddy.

  Mode of Action

»  Suspend Pseudomonas fluorescens in sufficient water (500g/100L) to achieve uniform     application. Apply at the rate of 100-200 g per cubic meter (loose) of greenhouse potting mix,     soil or planting beds.
»  Pseudomonas fluorescens can be applied through low pressure watering nozzles such as fan     nozzles or other watering systems (drip system) after filtering with filters. For best effect, treat     potting mix several days before use for seeding or transplants.


POTENCY:                  Liquid [2x10^8 spores CFU/ml]
                                  Powder [2x10^8spores CFU/gm]

PACKAGING:         As required

EXPIRY:                  18 months.

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pseudomonas fluorescens, bio control agents , bio fungicides , pseudomonas aeruginosa , organic fungicides , pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria , pseudomonas fluorescens in agriculture , plant diseases , Pseudomonas genus , biofungicides