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  Azadirachtin 0.15% (1500 PPM, 1000 PPM)

Azadirachtin is the extract of neem kernel with concentration available from 10 % - 32 % w/w and the rest other triterpeniods. Azaidrachtin has been identified as Neem’s principal active compound. It acts on insects by repelling them, inhibiting feeding, and disrupting their growth, metamorphosis and reproduction and hatching rates. It affects egg production and hatching rates. In larvae, Azadirachtin can inhibit molting, preventing them from developing into pupae. Azadirachtin works especially well to protect plants from defoliation with out affecting beneficial pollinating insects. It is used as basic raw material in the formulations of Neem Biopesticides, veterinary care products and herbal preparations. It is very effective in eliminating the pest menace in the field of agriculture and will replace widely used chemical pesticides. It’s a pest control agent for the control of white fly, bollworm in cotton & leaf folder in paddy and tea.


Cereals, pulses, oil seeds, fibres, vegetables, tubers, beverages, fruits, spices and floricultures.

  Target Pests

White Flies, Leaf Miner, Hoppers, Caterpillar, Thrips, Aphids, Mites.

  Product Advantages

  It is most potent insect repellent, antifeedant and an insect growth regulator.
  It affects more than 300 species of insects.
  Does not necessitate frequent chemical sprays.
  Insects can’t develop resistance for Azadirachtin.
  Enhances earthworm population.
  Pesticides containing Azadirachtin are versatile; bio-degradable; leaves no residue hence     safe for environment.
  Protects crops against parasitical nematodes.
  Enhances crop yield.
  Preserves soil fertility


  It is a good basal dressing.
  Can be mixed with organic fertilizers like seaweed, kelp, manure.
  Can also be mixed with inorganic fertilizers.


POTENCY:              Liquid [1500 PPM]
                              Liquid [1000 PPM]

PACKAGING:         As required

EXPIRY:                 18 months.

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liquid biofertilizers , bio fertilizer, bio fertilizer products , Azadirachtin , types of microorganisms , INDIA