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  Beauveria Bassiana

Beauveria Bassiana is highly useful in controlling insect pests. It is basically a fungus that grows naturally in soils. The spore of this fungus when comes in contact with the cuticle (skin) of the target insect pest they germinate and grow directly through the cuticle to the inner body of the host. The fungus by taking nutrients from the insect proliferates and colonizes the entire insect and thus drains the insect of nutrients and the infected insects eventually die.

Beauveria Bassiana is a common soil borne fungus that occurs worldwide. It attacks a wide range of both immature and adult insects. Beauveria produces spores that are resistant to environmental extremes and are the infective stage of the fungal life cycle. The spores (called conidia in this case) infect directly through the outside of the insect's skin.

Under favorable temperature and moisture conditions, a conidium adhering to the host cuticle will germinate. The fungal hyphae growing from the spore secretes enzymes which attack and dissolve the cuticle, allowing it to penetrate the skin and grow into the insect body. Once inside the insect it produces a toxin called Beauvericin that weakens the host's immune system. After the insect dies, an antibiotic is produced that enables the fungus to out compete intestinal bacteria. Eventually the entire body cavity is filled with fungal mass. When conditions are favorable the fungus will grow through the softer parts of the insect's body, producing the characteristic "white bloom" appearance. Relative humidity must be 92% or more for B. Bassiana to grow outside the insect. These external hyphae produce conidia that ripen and are released into the environment, completing the cycle.


Cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit crops, cole crops, orchards, fiber crops, cut flowers ornamentals in greenhouses; nurseries, lawns and landscape.

  Target Pests

Caterpillars, weevils, leafhoppers, bugs, grubs and leaf-feeding insects.

  Product Advantages

  Bio-Power helps to increase productivity by improving the crop health through containing the     pests.
  Bio-Power is eco-friendly and helps to maintain the ecological balance.


POTENCY:              Liquid[2x10^8 spores CFU/ml]
                              Powder[1x10^8 spores CFU/gm]

PACKAGING:         As required

EXPIRY:                 18 months.

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liquid biofertilizers, bio fertilizer, bio fertilizer products, Beauveria Bassiana, types of microorganisms, INDIA