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Insect Bait
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  Insect Bait

Biobait is a produced by special hydrolysis method which offer insect attracting characteristics to the product. biobait is an insect bait based on hydrolyzed proteins.


  Fly Bait Attractant for Diptera pests of Citrus, Fruit and Olive tress.
  BioBait is used in mixture with insecticides.
 BioBait S is used in several crops that are affected by Diptera such as CITRUS (Ceratitis     capitata), OLIVES (Bactrocera oleae), STONE FRUITS (Ceralitis Capitata).

  Target Pests

CITRUS (Ceratitis capitata), OLIVES (Bactrocera oleae), STONE FRUITS (Ceralitis Capitata).


POTENCY:               Powder

PACKAGING:          As required

EXPIRY:                  18 months.

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