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   Organic Bio Nitro


It is Protein rich material having organic carbon 45 to 50%.It contains 7-10% Nitrogen, Phosphorus 4 -5% and 2-3% Potash and other essential secondary nutrients and micronutrients. It is product derived from castor, Karanj and some other non edible seeds. Bio Nitro is residue obtained after solvent extraction of castor, Karanj and other some non edible cake. It is thus wholly natural, organic manure richly endowed with the big elements – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in ideal percentage.


   Special Features

  Totally natural, Totally nourishing
  Builds strength into soil, steadily
  Flower beds bloom
  Roses sprout rosy cheeks
  Lawn turn lush
  Fruit and vegetables grow truly nutritious
  Yield increase for Commerce Crops
  Virtually oil free
  Most conductive to soil health
  Further enrichment possible for special needs
  Retains precious moisture
  Improves physical characteristics of soil


   Analysis Reports Organic Bio Nitro

Parameter Test Value
Moisture (%) 7.60
pH Saturated Soln. 5.91
EC Saturated Soln. 3.84
Total N (%) 12.38
Total P205 (%) 3.89
Total K20 (%) 1.98
Calcium (%) 3.98
Magnesium (%) 2.02
Sulphur (%) 1.50
Copper (ppm) 34.00
Iron (%) 0.05
Manganese (ppm) 33.00
Zinc (ppm) 46.00
Organic Carbon (%) 27.43
C: N Ratio 2.22:1
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