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   Organic Bio Phos


It is extraordinary product contents 15-20% K2O and 20-25% P2O5 in Organic form. About 85% of the phosphorus applied through inorganic fertilizers gets fixed in soil. Contains high content of secondary and micronutrients.It is very good substitute for P and K fertilizers.


   Analysis Reports of Bio Phos

Parameter Unit Value
PH- 11.98
FCdSm*-1 9.38
Moisture %0.22
Organic Matter %7.04
Nitrogen %0.23
P2O5% 30.38
K2O% 18.60
Calcium %7.45
Magnesium ppm 2325
Sulphur %2.28
Iron ppm 5025
Manganese ppm508
Zinc ppm44
Copper ppm191
Sodium %1.32
C: N Ratio - 17.75:1
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