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Bio Rich,compost bio,fertilizer for all crops,organic fertilizer

   Organic Bio Rich


Nutrition is very essential for good growth of plant. Bio Rich Contains sea weed extract enriched with micronutrients, Vitamins & hormones. It is an extract. It is prepared from naturally occurring substances and is of biological origin. It is a mixture of growth promoter along with essential enzymes and hydrolyzed proteins in the form of 20 amino acids. Bio Rich is one such product that takes care of the general health and vigor of the plant and ensures proper uptake and absorption of nutrients from soil. In short, Bio Rich helps to maintain balanced nutritional status in plants. Bio Rich is a vital food for plants and its use in agriculture and horticulture is as important as major nutrients of the plants. The presence of vital elements such as enzymes helps to stimulate cell growth. Due to balanced absorption of nutrients the plant becomes healthy and such healthy plants can fight adverse environmental conditions such as drought or heavy rainfall and offer more pest resistance.



  The mixture present in Bio Rich helps in cell growth.
  Stimulates cell division in the cambium and, in combination with cytokinins in tissue culture.
  Due to Enzymes present in the product it help to breakdown complex molecules into simple     form which can be easily utilized by the plant.
  It helps in seed germination
  It supply from the apical bud suppresses growth of lateral buds.
  Help for frame development.
  It also balance C/N Ratio.




Recommended for all crops



POTENCY:                Liquid

PACKAGING:          As required

EXPIRY:                  18 months.

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Bio Rich, compost bio, fertilizer for all crops, organic fertilizer