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   Organic Nano Grow


A natural derivatives based organic fertilizer. It is penetrated in plant tissues and functions to induce neno material of crop systems at metabolic path ways and synthesizing all plant hormones by plant itself, it require in neno quantities at tissues level to active gene signaling.



  Stimulates cell elongation
  Stimulates cell division in the cambium and, in combination with cytokinins in tissue culture
  Stimulates differentiation of phloem and xylem
  Stimulates root initiation on stem cuttings and lateral root development in tissue culture
  It supply from the apical bud suppresses growth of lateral buds
  Delays leaf senescence
  Can inhibit or promote (via ethylene stimulation) leaf and fruit abscission
  Can induce fruit setting and growth in some plants
  Involved in assimilate movement toward possibly by an effect on phloem transport
  Delays fruit ripening some plants.
  Promotes flowering.
  Stimulates growth of flower parts.




  To Increase Flowering
  To promote more fruiting
  To increase more yield of crops
  To control dropping of flowers and fruits
  To stimulate plant growth.
  To make plant healthy and resistance against diseases.


   Application Procedure

  Shake product well before use
  Take 4ml in 15 liter of water hand pump.
  If crop is small, 15 litre pump use as foliar spray on 1/3 acre if crop is small sized (2 feet     maximum).
  If crop size is more than 2 feet there can be pump number increased per 2 feet / 1 spray     pumps.
  Product is only for foliar application on all crops.
  Product not for drenching or soil application by drip irrigation.
  Product can be use after 15 day of germination to before 15 days of crop harvesting period.
  To achieve best result spray it in 15 to 25 days intervals as crop types.


   Crops Application


 Apple, Banana, Grapes, lemon, Citrus, Orange, Mango, Guava, Chikoo, Pomegranate, Cashew, Almonds, Grapes, watermelon, strawberry etc.
  Tea, Coffee and Coco, Black Piper etc.
  Chili, Brinjal, Lady Finger and Cucurbit.
  Gerbera, Rose, Orchid, Mogra, Jasmine, Frangipani, Sunflower etc.

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