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Sticker is a spray additive which can improve the performance of bio pesticides, micro nutrients and pesticide sprays. It helps better spread, retention and penetration of nutrients and protestants over the plant surfaces, thus insures optimum utilization.



  Ritha (SoapNut Extract) – 35%
  Shikekai Extract: - 35 %
  Water: - 30%


   Uses Direction


Add Sticker while spraying pesticides, fungicides and micronutrients. Add 5 ml of Sticker with 15 liter of spray solution.


   Period of Usage

Sticker concentrate should be used at the time of spraying any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides i.e. whenever you spray anything on your field you can use sticker in order to increase its effectiveness.




Store in cool and dry place away from sunlight.


   Benefits Of Sticker

  It helps better spread, retention and penetration over plant surface .Thus it increases the     effectiveness of pesticides/insecticides/fungicides and reduces amount of dosage per usage.
  Helps to reduces expenses on pesticides.
  Helps to increase crop yield.


   Crop usage


Sticker can be used with all pesticides, insecticides & herbicides for any crop. This product actually helpful to increase the yield for all types of crops.

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