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 plant growth promoter,agricultural biostimulant ,growth promoting substances,plant nutrients,soil conditioner,soil fertility booster


  BioSpeed - An Introduction

BioSpeed is a combination of various useful living organism and other useful ingredients. Mainly..(1) Nitrogen fixer, Azotobacter chrococcum ( 107-109 cfu/gram),
(2) Phosphate solubilizing bacterium, Bacillus coagulans (107-109 cfu/gram),
(3) Phosphate solubilizing yeast, Torulospora globosa (107-109 cfu/gram),
(4) Sea Weed Extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum & Sargasum wighitti and
(5) Humic acid

Azotobacter fixes atmospheric Nitrogen for crop and produces plant growth promoting substances. Phosphate solubilizing bacteria and yeast convert complex soil phosphate into simple soil phosphate so as to make it available to the crop plants and simultaneously release plant growth promoting substances. Sea weed extracts and humic acids are the very good natural sources of plant growth promoting substances.

Application in all crops. It induces more crop growth within short period and nourishes crops for longer period and thereby leading the crop to higher yield with quality produce.

  Field Dosage

   Spray all field crops, vegetables, spices, plantations, ornamentals with 2 ml/liter water.
   Spray Mango and other high spray volume fruit crops with 1 ml of BioSpeed in 1 liter water.
   While fertigating the crops @ 200 - 400 ml/acre as tank-mixed along with other inputs.
   Dip seeds in a solution of 3 ml/liter water for enhanced germination and good initial growth.

  Product Advantages

   Eliminates the use of costly and harmful chemicals.
   Leaves no residue in the food.
   Provides natural long-term immunity to crops and soil.
   Can be used at all stages of plant growth
   Biodegradable & target specific.
   Eco-friendly product.
   Nontoxic to human, animals, plants.


POTENCY:                   -

Packing WEIGHT:     1, 2, and 5 KG. (Custom made also available)

EXPIRY:                      1 year from the date of mfg.

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plant growth promoter , agricultural biostimulant , growth promoting substances, plant nutrients, soil conditioner, soil fertility booster