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  BioS-Plus - An Introduction

Sulphur Solublising Bacteria is used for the production of this product, namely Thiobacillus Thiooxidants strain is known for it's sulphur solubilizing characters. This bacterial cell converts the non available sulphur and sulphur related compounds to easily assimilable form of sulphur salts through a process of oxidation. During this process, it brings down the high pH of the soil (alkasol soil). Hence it can be utilized in reclaiming the alkaline and saline soil for normal cultivation.

It has been shown that bacterial leaching of metal sulfides apparently requires the attachment of leach bacteria to metal sulfides, that exo polymerbound iron compounds are responsible for or at least considerably increase the rate of the biological attack over the chemical rate, that the primary attacking agent in leaching environments is the ferric iron hexahydrate ion, that thiosulfate is the first intermediate sulfur compound, giving rise to a variety of other compounds including polythionate-containing periplasmic granula, and that we have no idea about the actual concentrations of protons, ferrous/ferric and/or other cations, and sulfur compounds in the reaction space between the bacterium and the sulfide surface.

  Product Advantages

  It helps in correcting productivity related problems and reduces the sulphur deficiency in the     soil.
  It acts as plant nutrient for the better synthesis of proteins, oils & vitamins within the plants.
  Application of sulphur along with (Thiobacillus thiooxidans) will protect the crop from sulphur     deficiencies.
  It is environment friendly and self perpetuating, which facilitates proliferation of soil micro-flora.


Recommended for all crops


POTENCY:                 2 X 108 CFU/gm when packed

Packing WEIGHT:   1, 2, and 5 KG. (Custom made available)

EXPIRY:                    1 year from the date of mfg.

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sulphur oxidizing bacteria, Sulphur Solublising Bacteria, Liquid sulphur solublizing Bio-fertilizer, Powder sulphur solubilizing bacteria, sulphur deficiencies plants, Sulphur oxidization microorganism, Thiobacillus thiooxidans