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  What is Organic Agriculture ?

Agriculture is going through a major transformation across the world and India is no exception. Since 1950s modern agriculture contributed significantly in raising the land productivity. However, its side effects became a cause of concern. Consumers became aware of the harmful effects of pesticides and chemicals used in modern agriculture. Organic agriculture emerged as a feasible option to concerns related to increasing contamination in food.
Organic agriculture respects nature and its vitality. It aims to create an ecologically safe system of food production. It is a comprehensive approach that aims to create sustainable eco-system, safe food, animal welfare and better livelihood opportunities for farmers.
Organic agriculture covers all kinds of food and fiber production system and can be defined as chemical free farming system with an objective to produce food of high nutritional value.

  Benefits of Organic Agriculture

 Organic food reduces health risks by keeping harmful chemicals and pesticides out of the     food.
  Organic food tastes better and contains high nutritional value.
  Organic farming create congruent balance between crop production and animal husbandry.
  Organic farming preserve the long-term fertility of soil through the sustainable production     system.
  Organic farming reducing pesticide use and minimizing agriculture’s impact on the system.

  Vermi Compost Fertilizer

Vermi composting is chiefly composting with worms. In nature, all organic matter eventually decomposes. In Vermi composting, worms are fed with decomposed matter and the organic material will pass through the earthworm gut resulting in worm castings. Vermi compost, enriches soil in most natural organic manner, and also increases the quality, fertility and mineral content of the soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers that destroy beneficial microorganisms, the organic fertilizer is completely harmless & provide rich organic soil that is best for plants.

Hence, Vermi composting involves harnessing of earthworms for cleaning up the environment. In the process, earthworms and microbes work together and produce vermi-compost.

Vermi compost contains more than 8 kinds of useful microbial bacterium groups (over 600 million per gram). So it can supply all nutrition elements needed by the variety of plants. Use of Bio-organic fertilizer will reduce the use of harmful chemical fertilizers; give higher yield & improve soil fertility.

For Biological and Chemical properties (Click for list)

  Benefits of Vermi Compost Fertilizer

   Promotes faster growth of plants, increases crop yield.
   Produces crops with a better taste, and lasting quality, without toxic residues.
   Earthworms produce no toxins and carry no diseases.
   Earthworms help neutralize soil acidity and reduce waste volume by up to 50%.
   Increases crop yield with less irrigation.
   Improves groundwater recharge and reduces depletion of groundwater.
   Reduces soil salinization and soil erosion .
   Lessens pollution, as chemicals are not used.
   Increases export of agricultural products with lower pesticide residues.
   Lessens wasteland formation.
   Lowers risk of crop loss due to pest attack.
   Vermi composting waste produces no pollution or unusable residue.

  Types of Vermi Compost Fertilizer

We have two type of Vermi Compost Fertilizer....

Regular : This type of fertilizer is directly packed as it is in proper way to use in field.

Anti fungus (Trichoderma) : This type of fertilizer is treated to give anti fungus properties.  This fertilizer helps in preventing growth of harmful fungus in soil. Thus effectively increasing growth of plant and crop value. Our other bioproducts can be used with vermicompost.

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