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  RootBoost - An Introduction

RootBoost is a Nitrogen fixing biofertilizer. RootBoost has highly efficient nitrogen fixing bacteria of Rhizobium species. Rhizobium is the most well known species of a group of symbiotic bacteria for atmospheric nitrogen fixation. These bacteria infect the roots of leguminous plants, leading to the formation of “lumps” or “Nodules” where the nitrogen fixation takes place. The bacterium also produces enzymes (nitrogenase) that supply a constant source of reduced nitrogen to the host plant.


This Leguminous plants (groundnut, pulses such as Moong, Tuver, Chickpeas, etc), Potato.

  Direction of use

Soil Application:  Dosage – 2 kg / acre Mix 2 kg of RootBoost with 100 kg of farmyard manure / organic fertilizer or soil uniformly and spread over 1 acre of land.

Procedure:  Dosage - 1 Kg / acre Mix 1 kg of RootBoost with 500-1000 ml of cooled rice gruel or 5 % Jaggary solution. Mix the seed required for an acre with this solution to have a uniform coating of the over the seeds. Dry the seeds in shade for 30 minutes and sow the treated seeds within 24 hrs.


Note: Please remember that the seeds to be treated with RootBoost should not have been pre-treated with fungicides or any kind of chemical pesticides.

  Product Advantages

  Fixes 30-35% nitrogen required by plants.
  Reduces usage of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer by upto 30%.
  Benefits crops by Nitrogen fixation and by producing growth-promoting substances.
  Eco-friendly product.
  Nontoxic to human, animals, plants.


  Apply during evening for providing humid conditions. If conditions are dry, irrigate the land     before application.
  chemical pesticides/insecticides should not be sprayed before or after 5-7 days.
  Do not mix with chemical pesticides or insecticides at the time of application.
  Store in cool place away from direct sun light and heat.


POTENCY:                 2 X 108 CFU/gm when packed

Packing WEIGHT:   1, 2, and 5 KG. (Custom made available)

EXPIRY:                    1 year from the date of mfg.

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