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Information / Advantages
How it works?
How to use?
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antibacterial, antimicrobials, odourless, non-toxic, non irritant, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive, disinfectant cleaner. Health Sanitizing chemical for hand wash. Our product is suitable for all pathogenic bacteria like e.coli, aureus, pseudomonas, B. subtilis. antibacterial, odorless, non-toxic, non irritant, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive, disinfectantatories, hospitals, restaurantdishwasher liquid, powder, disinfectant liquid, disinfectant powder, cleanser100% water soluble, disinfection, cleaner, powder, Liquid, E.coli, Aureus, Pseudomonas, B. Subtilis, pathogenic bacteriaCleaning, sanitization, cleaning in place, bacterial contamination, Dairy industries, Food processing industriesantibacterial, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive, disinfectant, Beverages plant, Pharmaceutical industries antibacterial, disinfectant, Laboratories, Hospitals, Restaurantcleaning liquid detergents, diswashing detergent, liquid cleaning soap, industrial liquid detergent

Information and Advantages .... A cleaning and sanitizing chemical

After a long work BactoKill an antibacterial, odourless, non-toxic, non irritant and non-corrosive disinfectant cleaner in the powder form has been developed by our research team. BactoKill is tested by FDA approved laboratories.

It is highly effective against E.coli, Aureus, Pseudomonas and B. Subtilis type of bacteria. These pathogenic bacteria unfortunately attack living hosts, becoming a menace and a possible threat to life effective disinfection becomes a necessity where such organisms are likely to prevail.

Outstanding advantages
BactoKill is a new product and gives better results. Some advantages are listed below.

1. Removes all types of bacteria
2. Non toxic
3. Chlorine free
4. Non carcinogenic
5. Reducing scales
6. Non irritant
7. Non corrosive
8. Economical
9. Removes all types of odour
10. 100% water soluble

  How it Works?

Cleaning and sanitization are both done in a single operation. For a milk dairy plant and food processing industries, cleaning and sanitization are of prime necessity for routine work. In the dairy plants and food industries cleaning or cleaning in place (CIP) is done at a regular intervals to remove dirt and milk scales, which are responsible for the bacterial contamination i.e. dirt and milk stones are the ideal place for the growth and multiplication of bacteria. BactoKill gives both types of protections i.e. cleaning and sanitization therefore BactoKill is an excellent choice for CIP. It is a low forming compound remains active at low temperature. It is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, safe to use. It leaves no toxic residue if the plant is properly rinsed with hot water.


At present in dairy plant CIP is done at a regular intervals using dilute caustic soda solution, then with dilute nitric acid for cleaning and lastly the plant is disinfected using lodophor solution, or chlorine compound. In this way there are three operations done regularly at different intervals. All the three operations take much more time, energies and water, while BactoKill cleans and sanitize in single operation. Thus saving time increases production capacity upto 10-12% per day.

Our product is much superior to Glutaraldehyd. Glutaraldehyd kills bacteria and keeps plant and tanker clean and hygienic. Where as our BactoKill kills bacteria and keeps plant and tanker clean and hygienic as well also removes scales from surfaces. Generally milk scales are found in places like corners or edge in tanks. This scale is ideal place for growth of living organism (Bacteria).

  How to Use?

Prepare % aqueous solution of BactoKill in warm water of 50 - 55C, i.e. 500 grams of powder in 100 litres of water. If required stir the solution to dissolve the BactoKill.


For dairy plants and CIP of other industries

The above % solution is circulated using pressure pump for 25-30 minutes and then rinse the pipelines, pasteurizes, coolers with hot water of 80 - 90 C. The plant is totally bacteria free. BactoKill reduces milk – scales efficiently. Similarly milk tankers can be cleaned using spray nozzles.


For Food Processing Industries

Hotels, Canteens and other food processing areas can be cleaned and sanitized by dissolving 2-3 table spoons (10-15 Grams) in 8 -10 litres of water and with this solution, the floor surfaces are to be rub with the wet cloth and allow it to dry in air the floor is completely antibacterial and clean.


BactoKill in Breweries

As a cleaning and sanitizing agent, brewery water buffer tanks, conveyor, tubes, pressure tank, pipelines, walls and floors can easily be cleaned and sanitized using BactoKill solution. It also disinfect the cleaning machine, pasteurizer, filters provided that after treatment with BactoKill solution, the treated surfaces or areas are to be well rinsed with hot water.

Areas of Use

Our product can be used for following industries. We also make Liquid for dish washer to use in residence, hotels, hostels and Motels.
- Dairy industries
- Food processing industries
- Beverages plant
- Pharmaceutical industries
- Laboratories
- Hospitals, Restaurant
- We have also developed liquid for dish washer to use in residence, hotels etc.

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