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   Natural Onion Powder


Botanical Source - Allium Cepa
Family - Amaryllidaceae

The onion (Allium cepa), which is also known as the bulb onion, common onion and garden onion, is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium. The genus Allium also contains a number of other species variously referred to as onions and cultivated for food, such as the Japanese bunching onion (A. fistulosum), Egyptian onion (A. proliferum), and Canada onion (A. canadense). The name "wild onion" is applied to a number of Allium species.

The vast majority of cultivars of A. cepa belong to the 'common onion group' (A. cepa var. cepa) and are usually referred to simply as 'onions'. The 'Aggregatum Group' of cultivars (A. cepa var. aggregatum) includes both shallots and potato onions.

Onion powder is a spice used for seasoning in cooking. It is made from finely ground, dehydrated onions, mainly the pungent varieties of bulb onions, which causes the powder to have a very strong odor. Onion powder comes in a few varieties: white, yellow, red and toasted. Onion powder which is provided by us is free from moisture and other impurities. Thus they have a longer shelf life.


   Natural Onion Powder Uses into the food Industry

»  Powdered Onion is used for Seasoning, Vegetable dishes and in preparation of Condiment.
»  Very useful in making French onion soup or onion chutney.
»  Onion Powder is also used raw in cold salads.
»  It is also used as an additive in making some Pickles which is used to serve with snack items.

   Medicinal Uses for Onion


»  Onion is useful in different conditions ranging from the common cold to heart disease, diabetes,     osteoporosis, and other diseases.
» They contain chemical compounds believed to have anti-inflammatory, anticholesterol,     anticancer, and antioxidant properties, such as quercetin
»  Preliminary studies have shown increased consumption of onions reduces the risk of head and     neck cancers
»  Onions are used to heal blisters and boils.
»  An application of raw onion is also said to be helpful in reducing swelling from bee stings.
»  Onions have the potential to alleviate or prevent sore throat. Onion in combination with jaggery     has been widely used as a traditional household remedy for sore throat in India.

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