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   Spray Dried Cream


Spray Dried Cream Powder is obtained by removing water from pasteurized, homogenized Whole Cream Milk through evaporation and spray drying processing. Spray Dried Cream Powder possesses all the appealing qualities of fat fitted Milk and, in its dry form, is an important ingredient in the manufacture of a remarkable range of Dairy Products. Our line of cream cheese products and blends will compliment nearly any food formulation, providing the smooth texture that makes cream such a popular ingredient.

Types of Spray Dried Cream Powder
»  Full Spray Dried Cream Powder (Full Cream Milk Powder)
»  Non Fat Dry Milk Powder


   Uses of Spray Dried Cream Powder In Food Industry

»  100% Full Cream Milk Powder Replacer.
»  Use in Confectionery Products.
»  Use in Premium Chocolate Products.
»  Recombination and standardization of milk.
» Mixing into dough in the bakery industry to increase the volume of the bread and improve its     water-binding capacity.
»  Mixing into pastry dough to make it crisper.
»  As a substitute for eggs in bread and pastry.
»  Producing milk chocolate in the chocolate industry.
»  Producing sausages and various types of ready-cooked meals in the food industry.
»  Production of ice cream.


   Health Benefits Of Spray Dried Cream Powder


»  Spray Dried Cream Powder contains high fat as well as Protein Percentage.
»  Spray Dried Cream Powder has composition of Fresh milk, Soya Lecithin, Vitamin A, Vitamin     D3, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Folic Acid.
»  Dried Cream Powder is an ideal milk source for easy storage and convenient to blend into Luke     warm water in getting a good source of protein and necessary ingredients for body absorption


Custom made products available on request. (click here)

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