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  Manufacturing Process


Dehydrated onion is produced by removing upto 90% water from the raw onion. Onions are dehydrated without blanching or addition of sulfites so that the enzyme systems that develop the onion flavor and aroma remain unaffected when the onion cells are cut or broken. The dehydrated onion is then separated to different particle size ranging from the ring form to the free flowing powdered form.

Storage Pilling / Sorting Washing & Slicing Drying first stage Drying second stage Separating & Grading Metal detection & De-stone Inspection & Testing Weighing & Sealing

We can provide white, red and toasted onions in different forms, also we specialize in providing below mentioned Vegetables.


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Onion Rings/Slices,Onion Kibbled/Flakes,Onion Chopped, Onion Minced,Onion Powder,Onion Granules,Garlic Cloves,Garlic Flakes,Garlic Granules,Garlic Powder,Garlic Minced,Ginger Powder,Potato Flakes,Potato Powder