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Garlic grows up to 2 to 3 feet. It has long, flat leaves and white flowers. Its bulb has many cloves that are papery white. A garlic clove is one section of a larger garlic bulb. Once you break the individual clove off the bulb, you need to peel away the flaky membrane to access the edible portion. Garlic cloves, which are available in several different varieties, are easy to store, have a long shelf life and are considered super foods for their medicinal qualities.


   Uses of Garlic Powder in Food Industry

Garlic Powder are used in the preparation of canned soups, salads, hamburgers, pizzas & other fast food preparations, where the appearance & texture garlic is required. Apart from this, dehydrated garlic is also used in making of the pickles, sauces, canned/prepared meat or vegetables and dry mixes ethnic foods.

It is used in Pizza and other fast food Stuffing mixes and Gravies Pickled products Meat products Sea food products Canned foods Salad dressing and dips Pet food. Soups and salad seasonings.

The dehydrated garlic is used in dry soups mixes, sauces, food preparations, vegetable mixes, stuffing mixes and fast foods.

garlic powder can be used in all preparations which require just a taste of garlic such as canned food, pre cooked dishes, meat, aioli, garlic cheese, spice mixture.

Garlic Powder is also used in unique flavor to the dishes such as Pasta, Fast Food, Indian Dishes, etc.

   Medicinal Uses Of Garlic Powder


»  Some research shows that garlic can reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure     by as much as 7% or 8%. It also seems to lower blood pressure in people with normal blood     pressure.
»  Eating garlic seems to reduce the risk of developing Colon cancer, rectal cancer, and stomach     cancers.
»  Taking garlic does not seem to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.
»  Taking garlic does not seem to reduce the risk of getting lung cancer.
»  Leg pain when walking due to poor blood circulation in the legs (peripheral arterial disease or     PAD) Taking garlic, even for 12 weeks, does not seem to help people with this condition.

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