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Ginger powder is very spicy and sharp to taste. Good quality ginger powder should smell of fresh ginger. Ginger powder has some benefits over ginger as the powder can act in stomach directly and helps to neutralize toxins and acids faster. Again it has all the characteristics and nutrients of the natural products.

Ginger powder is always prepared from ginger of good quality. First the ginger is washed and all the soil particles are removed from it. Then they are cut neatly into thin slices and spread in clean trays. Then it is made to dry under direct sun. About 70 to 75 degree centigrade temperature are required. Then using a grinder or a blender it is pulverized.


   Uses of Ginger Powder in Food Industry

»  Ginger powder gives a flavor to all food.
»  It makes a food spicier.
»  It is used as an ingredient for preparation of ginger cookies, cakes, pies, ginger breads, candies     and jams.
»  In savory dishes like meats, tofu, vegetable, rice, sauces, soups and curry paste ginger powder     is added.
»  In the breakfast with bananas and apples, if a little bit of ginger powder is added it can change     the taste making it more delicious.
» Ginger powder is used in making spices and masalas which are used in gravies, curries,     marinades, stews etc.
» Ginger powder is combined along with cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and cloves to make     masala tea powder which is used in brewed teas.
»  It is used in Indian, specifically Punjabi marinades for Tandoori starters, veg as well as non veg.
»  It is commonly used to flavour gingerbreads.
» It is also used in certain food preparations particularly for expecting women and feeding     mothers, the most popular one being Katlu which is a mixture of gum resin, ghee, dried ginger     powder, nuts, and sugar.
»  Ginger powder is used in tea or coffee and also in siddha medicine.

   Health Benefit Of Ginger Powder


Ginger has a wide variety of effects on the human body and is known to be effective for the treatment of cataracts, amenorrhea, heart disease, migraines, stroke, , angina, athlete's foot, colds, bursitis, chronic fatigue, tendinitis, flu, coughs, depression, dizziness, fever, erectile difficulties, infertility, kidney stones, Raynaud's disease, sciatica, and viral infections.

Ginger powder is an effective cure for indigestion, sore throat, cold and cough.

Ginger's therapeutic properties help stimulate blood circulation, cleanse the bowels and kidneys, remove toxins from the body and nourish the skin.

It is used in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory problems.

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Ginger Powder,de jengibre en polvogengibre em pó, имбирь порошокIngwerpulver, de gingembre en poudre

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Ginger Powder, De jengibre en polvo, Gengibre em pó, имбирь порошок, Ingwerpulver, De gingembre en poudre, Toz zencefil, Zenzero in polvere, Gemberpoeder, σκόνη τζίντζερ, Ingefära pulver