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The onion is an edible bulb. While it is a vegetable at heart, it also acts as a spice inasmuch as it can provide an aromatic undertone to various meat and vegetable dishes, without being a major ingredient. The characteristic appearance of the onion is well known, but there are many variations of colour, shape and size.

The colour varies from white to red to purple, the shape from spherical to almost conical, and the diameter at the largest point from 10mm (1/2in) to 8cm (3in) or 'more.

Onions should be firm, though not rock hard. The papery skin should be tight over the surface of the bulb. Spring onions, or scallions, are immature plants where the bulb has not completely formed. They may be cylindrical, the green stem shading into the white bulblet, which may be almost spherical. Onions are also available in processed form, as dried flakes and powder, or liquid.


   Uses of Onion Powder in Food Industry

» Onion powder is a versatile spice. You can use onion powder in meat rubs, soups, spice     mixes, some cocktails, dressings and dips.
»  The specific uses for the onion powder will also depend on the type of onion powder you have.     Specialized and gourmet onion powders may also use different types of onions instead of the     traditional bulb onion.
»  Onion Powder are used in preparations of soups, sauces, food preparations, vegetable, stuffing     mixes, fast foods etc.

   Medicinal Uses Of Onion Powder


» Onion Powder is used as a diuretic, expectorant and antiseptic. Onions are highly     recommended for people trying to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and infections.
»  They appear to be at least somewhat effective against colds, heart disease, diabetes, and other     diseases and contain anti-inflammatory, ant cholesterol, and anticancer components.
»  It contain many active compounds that appear to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, help    combat heart disease, inhibit strokes, lower blood pressure & cholesterol, and stimulate the     immune system.

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Onion Powder,cebolla en polvocebola em pó,луковый порошокZwiebelpulver, poudre d'oignon

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Onion Powder, Cebolla en polvo, cebola em pó, луковый порошок, Zwiebelpulver, Poudre d'oignon, Soğan Tozu, Cipolla in polvere, Uienpoeder, κρεμμύδι σε σκόνη, Lökpulver