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   Potato Flakes


Botanical Source - Solanum tuberosum
Family - Solanaceae

Potato Flakes are made of dehydrated potatoes. They are obtained by selecting, cooking, processing and packaging high quality of SOLANUM TUBEROSUM, by means of high manufacturing technology.

Potato flakes are the most important from of dehydrated potato products, which also include potato granules, pellets, powder, shredded and sliced potato. Dehydrated potato flakes are made by pressing cooked mashed potatoes onto a drum drier, which forms a sheet that can be broken up and ground to the required density. Potato flakes can be used anywhere, where one mashed potatoes.


   Uses of Potato Flakes In Food Industry

Flakes can be used to produce potato-flavoured snacks and baked goods.

Dehydrated potato flakes can be used in salty snacks such as fabricated chips, to create a more uniform shape. Dehydrated diced potatoes can be used in soups and other dishes for the same reason.

Potato flakes can be used alone or combined with flour, cornmeal and/or crushed corn flakes to create breading for fish, meat or vegetables. For fried foods, the use of dehydrated potatoes can provide for a crispy texture sometimes associated with other breading materials.

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Potato Flakes,hojuelas de papaflocos de batata, Картофельные хлопьяKartoffelflocken, flocons de pommes de terre

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Potato Flakes, hojuelas de papa, Flocos de batata, Картофельные хлопья, Kartoffelflocken, Flocons de pommes de terre, Patates Flakes, Fiocchi di patate, aardappelvlokken, νιφάδες πατάτας, Potatisflingor