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   Potato Powder


Botanical Source - Solanum tuberosum
Family - Solanaceae

Potato Powder is a powder which is produced from potatoes which have been cooked, dried, and then ground potatoes. It is commonly confused with, but is different than, potato starch powder which is made only from the starch of a potato. Potato powder is typically less dense and less white than potato starch.

One use of potato powder is as a thickener. Potato powder can be added to soups, stews, gravies, and other dishes to encourage these dishes to thicken without adding a strong flavor or intense starchy texture.


   Uses Of Potato Powder In Food Industry

 Potato Powder is used in various bakery preparations such as breads, waffles, pancakes,     sauces, gravies and soups etc.
 Potato Powder is also used in dished like ALLO BHUJIA, PAPAD NAMKEENS, SAUCES,     SOUP, SNACKS, MISSY ROTI, PARATHA, KHEER.
  Potato Powder is also used in preparing kheer, tikki, chops, pakoda, cutlets, stuffed parotha,     kofta and other products.

   Medicinal Uses of Potato Powder


Potato Powder is used in burns, chilblains, skin cracks, sores, swelling of eyelids shave a sufficient amount of raw potato and apply on that area, mixed with a teaspoon of honey or olive oil, leaving at least two hours to act; fix it with a bandage.

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