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   Natural Custard Apple


Botanical Source - Annona squamosa
Family - Annonaceae

Custard Apple is a fruit of the tree Annona squamosa. It is sweet in taste due to higher fructose and reducing sugar content. Different cultures have many names for the species. In English, the fruit is most widely known as a sugar apple or sweetsop as well as a custard apple. The fruits are variable in shape, oblong, or irregular. The size ranges from 7 centimetres (2.8 in) to 12 centimetres (4.7 in). When ripe, the fruit is brown or yellowish, with red highlights and a varying degree of reticulation, depending on variety. The flavour is sweet and pleasant, akin to the taste of 'traditional' custard Custard Apple powder is manufactured by processing the Fresh Fruits into pulp and are later run into Spray Dryer. The spray drying is done at low temperature to retain flavour, colour and above all the nutritional values. These Fruit Powders find application in a variety of Industries


   Uses for Natural Custard Apple Into The Food Industry

»  Custard Apple is used in Confectioneries, Bakery, Fruit Juices,Jam & Jellies, Baby Foods.
»  Custard Apple Powder is used in preparation of Puddings, and Indian Desserts.
»  Custard Apple Powder is also used in preparation of Frozen Fruit Dishes.


   Health Benefits Of Custard Apple


The custard apple is benefits to healthy as it is a well balanced food such as contained magnesium, potassium, fiber, vitamin, energy and a little fat. Below is some of the benefits fact to body

»  The fruit maintain optimum health as it contains low level of fat.
»  The copper and high fiber in the fruit help in maintains optimum digestion system.
»  Magnesium in the fruit protects heart to against cardiac disease and muscles relaxing.
»  Vitamin A in the fruit is good for eyes, skin and hair healthy.
»  The crushed of dried custard apple is use to treating diarrhea and dysentery.
»  The fruit decoction had cooling effect.
»  The leaves is used to cure mouth ulcer, diabetes and tooth pain.
»  The fruit is to treat anemia.
»  Vitamin c is used to antioxidant and helps in neutralizing free radical.
»  The fruit paste is used to treat ulcer, abscesses and kills worn in stomach.
»  The fruit seed have insecticidal properties.
»  Dried bark powder used to sure chronic constipation.
»  The custard apple leaves used to treating cancer and tumor in modern science.
»  The bark used to relieve toothaches and gum pain.
»  Custard apple powder is used to clears dandruff disease.


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