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Botanical Source - Citrullus lanatus
Family - Cucurbitaceae

lanatus is the botanical name of the very popular fruit, Watermelon. lanatus of standard size grow into long, rambling vines. There are smaller, hybrid vines, however, that only spread to a diameter of 5 or 6 feet. Watermelon vines are clothed with large leaves and light yellow flowers, which are followed by the juicy fruit. Watermelons are grown for their sweet, juicy interiors and in China, for edible seeds. They range in size from very large and heavy to moderate-size and small hybrids, developed to fit into refrigerators. The rind is hard, green and usually striped. The flesh may be pink, red, or yellow, with the slight scent of pineapples. Seedless Watermelons are available but expensive.

   Uses For Natural Watermelon

»  Watermelon contains is 90% water, 50 calories, and vitamin C, has just a trace of fat without     cholesterol.
»  It is not only great on a hot summer day, this delectable thirst-quencher may also help quench    the inflammation that contributes to conditions like asthma, atherosclerosis,diabetes, colon        cancer, and arthritis.
»  Most benefit of watermelon is that it contains high levels of lycopene--an antioxidant that may     help the body fight cancer and prevent disease.
»  Watermelon is fat free, nutritionally low in calories and considered an ideal diet food, and is     high in energy, making it a great energy boost.
»  Watermelon contains no cholesterol of dietary significance and only a small amount of fat. It is     an important source of potassium and may micronutrients.


   Watermelon Powder Uses in Food Industries


»  The watermelon's shape makes it perfect for serving salads or desserts. It can also be used as     a centerpiece or punch container.
»  Watermelon balls add color and flavor to fresh fruit and gelatin salads.
»  cut watermelon into festive shapes and top with cottage cheese.Or make a super summer
»  salad with watermelon balls, chopped celery and pecans whipped into softened cream cheese     or whipped heavy cream.


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