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   Annatto Norbixin Powder

Botanical Source - Bixa orellana
Family - bixaceae

Annatto Color is extracted from the seeds of the annatto. These seeds give two pigments, bixin which is oil soluble and norbixin which is soluble in water. Seeds contain about 5% pigments, which consist of 70-80% bixin Bixin is an apocarotenoid. Bixin is chemically unstable when isolated and converts via isomerization into trans-bixin (β-bixin), the double-bond isomer.[1] Bixin is soluble in fats but insoluble in water. Upon exposure to alkali, the methyl ester is hydrolyzed to produce the dicarboxylic acid norbixin, a water-soluble derivative. Annatto colour is prepared by leaching the pericarp of the annatto seeds with an extractant prepared from one or more food grade materials like various organic solvents, edible vegetable oils and fats, and alkaline aqueous or alcoholic solution

Product Range


   Uses for Annatto Color

Traditionally norbixin has been used in cheese colouration, but gradually a much wider variety of applications was developed in different products including breadcrumbs, flour confectionery, dairy products and ice cream. Whereas bixin, being Oil soluble, has been used in cream fillings for biscuits, margarines, butter, low fat spreads and other fat based products.

Annatto Colour is used in no. of non dairy food products such as Rice, Custard Powder, Non Baked food, Seasonings, processed potatoes, snack foods, breakfast cereals and smoked fish.

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