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   Red Beet Juice Powder

Botanical Source - Beta vulgaris
Family - Chenopodiaceae

Sugar beet is a conical, white, fleshy root with a flat crown. The plant consists of the sugar beet root and a rosette of leaves. Sugar is formed through a process of photosynthesis in the leaves, and it is then stored in the root. Sugar can represent between 15% and 21% of the sugar beet root’s total weight; however, depending on the cultivar and growing conditions, the sugar content can vary from 12 to above 20 percent. Sugar beet grows exclusively in the temperate zone, in contrast to sugar cane which grows exclusively in the tropical and subtropical zones. The beet, unlike sugar cane, grows below the ground. The average weight of sugar beet ranges between one and two pounds

   Uses for Red Beet Juice Powder

Beet powder is made from ripe red beets that are cooked, peeled, sliced, dried and then ground.It is extremely rich in iron, potassium, niacin, Vitamins A & C and many other minerals. It has a mild beet flavor.

Used as a natural colorant, beet powder works well in frostings, cookies, pastas, cakes, candies, sauces and lots of other foods. You can create a light pink to a deep red color by varying the quantity of powder you use.

Beet powder, like other vegetable and fruit powders, re-hydrates almost instantly in hot or boiling water. One pound of beet powder will re-hydrate to 5 pounds, the equivalent of 8-9 pounds of fresh, raw beets. Use 1/3 cup water to 2 T of beet powder.


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Remolacha Roja polvo de jugo de,Suco em pů vermelho de beterrabaRed Beet Juice Powder,Red BietensappoederКрасный порошок свекольного сока,Κόκκινη σκόνη χυμού τεύτλων

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Red Beet Juice Powder, Remolacha Roja polvo de jugo de, Suco em pů vermelho de beterraba, Красный порошок свекольного сока, Rote Bete Saftpulver, Rouge poudre de jus de betterave, Kırmızı Pancar Suyu Tozu, Red Bietensappoeder, Κόκκινη σκόνη χυμού τεύτλων