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   Safflower Extract Powder


Botanical Source - Carthamus
Family - Asteraceae

Safflower is a highly-branched annual thistle-like herb that grows to a height of 3 feet producing yellow or reddish flowers. Each branch will usually have several flower heads containing 15-20 seeds per head. The dried flowers of the plant extract and its seeds are used commercially. Plant extract safflower flowers can be used alone or in formulas. They can be prepared as dried powder, tinctures, or decoctions (extracts).

Product Range

   Uses for Safflower Extract Powder

Traditionally, the crop was grown for its seeds, and used for colouring and flavouring foods, in medicines, and making red (carthamin) and yellow dyes, especially before cheaper aniline dyes became available. For the last fifty years or so, the plant has been cultivated mainly for the vegetable oil extracted from its seeds.

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