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   Natural Black Cardamom, Badi Elaichi, Black Cardamom Powder


Botanical Source - Amomum Subulatum
Family - Zingiberaceae

Black cardamom, also known as hill cardamom, Bengal cardamom, greater cardamom, Indian cardamom, Nepal cardamom, winged cardamom, or brown cardamom, comes from either of two species in the family Zingiberaceae. Black cardamom is a herbaceous perennial shrub of the ginger family. The pods (fruits) of black cardamom are large (2-3cm long), hairy, and brown-black, and contain about 30-50 seeds. The seeds are sticky, but once removed from the pod they soon dry out, and it is these, in either whole or ground form, that are most commonly used. Its seed pods have a strong camphor-like flavor, with a smoky character derived from the method of drying.



Black cardamom has a distinctly more astringent aroma, though not bitter, with coolness similar to mint, though with a different aroma. The fruit is 4 to 6 times size of small cardamom. There are many distinct species of black cardamom, ranging in pod size from 2 cm to more than 5 cm with different tastes. Large cardamom is the dried fruit of a perennial herbaceous plant and its quality characteristics are different from that of small cardamom. The seeds have sweetish, smokey flavor when bitten into. Black cardamom is found India the main origin is west Bengal.

   Culinary Uses Of Black Cardamom


  Black cardamoms enhance and intensify the taste of other ingredients if used after crushing a    bit and then used. It has an acceptable taste, flavor and aroma that stimulate the taste buds     when used in rice and savory dal preparations.
  Black cardamom is also used occasionally in confectionery and pickles.When pods are used     whole in vegetable or meat stews they should be removed before serving,but crushed seeds will     dissolve into the sauce.
  Black cardamom can be fried or consumed raw. It can be combined with several other spices     while cooking.
  It is used as a flavoring base in the preparation of tea, coffee, and liquors.

   Health Benefits Of Black Cardamom

  Cardamom is used to soothe digestion problems. It is also used to treat respiratory problems     such as asthma or people suffering from other kinds of respiratory spasms.
  Cardamom has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing muscle spasms. Black cardamom is     used to heal inflammation of eyelids. It can heal respiratory problems like asthma and other      types of respiratory spasms.
  The spice actively works as an antidote for scorpion and snake venom. In India, Amomum     subulatum is frequently used to cure dental problems and gum infections.
  The therapeutic properties of cardamom-oil have found application in many traditional medicines  as antiseptic,antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, stimulant,     stomachic and tonic.

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Natural Black Cardamom, aromatic black cardamom, coriander black cardamom, mu đen Cardamom, siyah Kakule, svart Kardemumma, El cardamomo negro, Juoda Kardamonas, Черный кардамон, cardamom negru, preto Cardamomo, ブラックカルダモン, Kapulaga hitam, Fekete cardamom, schwarzer Cardamom, Μαύρο κάρδαμο, La cardamome noire, Zwarte Kardemom, Черно кардамон, أسود الهيل