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   Black Stone Flower (Dagad Phool, Kalpasi, Phathar Ka Phool, Chadilo)


Botanical Source - Parmelia Perlata (Lichen)
Family - Paemeliaceae

Black Stone Flower or better known as Dagad Phool in India is a soft, brown and black colored lichen.Dagarful is lichen growing in rosettes or irregularly spreading over the substratum giving the appearance of flower. It is mainly composed fungal mycelia which form a network enclosing algal cells and gonidia. The plant is astringent, bitter, acrid, cooling, inflammatory and aphrodisiac.



The upper surface is dark green or black and is whiter inside. Botanically, it belongs to the Parmelia Perlata family and it is referred to as 'foliose' meaning that each flower is vaguely similar to foliage or leaves and florae. It also resembles mushrooms. It is also known as Kalpasi. It is very popular in Indian delicacies and snacks. It has strong earthy aroma and a very dry, light fluffy texture and feel to it. The spice gives the signature black color to the masala. These are available in specialty grocery chains in India. I also found them at exclusive spice and condiments store. It is a rare dried flower, a dominant spice in all chettinad preparations.

   Culinary Uses Of Black Stone Flower


»  Dagad phool are commonly found in any markets or with spice smiths and it has uses in many    dishes in hyderabadi.Similar to those of sweet pepper it has quite mild aromatic flavor it is not     only used for aromas in soup preparations but also used as soup thickeners.
»  A Tree lichen, often used in meat dishes.
»  Dagad Phool (Lichens) is used as food by many cultures around the world sometimes as a    survival essential and sometimes as a delicacy. The photo specimen is from India, sold as     Dagad Phool, essential to Goda Masala or Kala Masala, as a curry powder.

   Health Benefits of Black Stone Flower

» Stone flowers have medical properties to cure HIV virus. Stone flowers are the biological     indicators of air pollution.
»  It is a good pain reliever and also promotes early healing of wounds sue to its bitter taste.
»  It helps treating the skin related problem due to its cold potency. It helps in reducing any kind     of inflammation in body.
»  It shows antibacterial activity and is fairly effective against Protozoans.
»  It is a good in improving the digestion and also helps in suppressing the respiratory disorders. it   also tones up the urinary tract and suppresses the calculi formation. It also helps in     maintaining the body temperature.

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Natural Black Stone Flower,Kalpasi, Dagad Phool, Dagarful, Dagal PhoolPhathar Ka Phool, Chadila, Gokshura, Jeevanti, Sea Lichen

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Black Stone Flower, Kalpasi, Dagad Phool, Dagarful, Dagal Phool, Phathar Ka Phool, Chadila, Gokshura, Jeevanti, Sea Lichen, الحجر الأسود زهرة, черен камък цвете, zwarte stenen bloem, pierre noire fleur, schwarzen Stein Blume, μαύρη πέτρα λουλούδι, fekete kő virág, batu hitam bunga, dubh cloch bláth, 黒い石の花, juoda akmuo gėlė, pedra negra flor, черный каменный цветок, negro flor de piedra, svart sten blomma, siyah taş çiçek, Black đá hoa