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   Natural Soya Powder


Botanical Source - Glycine max
Family - Fabaceae

Soybean seeds are spherical to long ovals in shape.Although most soy seeds are yellow, soy seeds come in other various seed coat colors, such as blue, green, dark brown, purplish black, or black. Soy seed varies in size, too. As a versatile source of food, the soybean is hard to beat. Although they can be eaten whole after being boiled or roasted, most soybeans are transformed into a great variety of foods.In addition, a great many foods already found in your kitchen cupboard contain soyafoods, such as soyoil (often called vegetable oil), lecithin, soya protein concentrates, textured soya protein and many more.


   Uses for Natural Soya Powder Into the Food Industry

Soya Powder is used extensively by the food industry. Soy flour turns up in an amazing array of food products, including fudge and other candies, pies, doughnuts, cakes and rolls, pasta, pancake mixes and frozen desserts. Some meat loaves and other prepared meat products use soy flour.

Soya Powder is also used in soy flour to thicken gravies and cream sauces, to make homemade soymilk, or add it to a variety of baked foods.

   Health Benefits Of Natural Soya Powder


High cholesterol. Eating soy protein in place of other dietary protein seems to slightly reduce total cholesterol and “bad cholesterol” (low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels). However, not all evidence is positive. Some studies have shown no significant benefit.

Hot flashes caused by menopause. Eating soy protein seems to help hot flashes caused by menopause, but it doesn't seem to help hot flashes in women with breast cancer.

Reducing the risk of developing breast cancer. Researchers think early exposure to soy may be key. Asian women who eat a traditional diet high in soy seem to be less likely to develop breast cancer. This benefit continues even when Asian women move to western cultures where soy is less likely to be a regular part of the diet. This suggests that exposure to soy early in life (i.e., before menopause) provides the most protection against breast cancer.

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