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   Spray Dried Beet Root Powder


Botanical Source - Beta Vulgaris
Family - Amaranthaceae

Beet powder is made from ripe red beets that are cooked, peeled, sliced, dried and then ground. It is extremely rich in iron, potassium, niacin, Vitamins A & C and many other minerals. It has a mild beet flavor. This powder can be used in foods, smoothies and drinks.One teaspoon of the plum-colored powder is equal to one whole beet. You can use one to two teaspoons up to four times per day.

Beet root powder contains fibre (10%), sugar (10%), betaine (as trimethylglycine), alanine, allantoin, arginine, calcium, magnesium, iron, carotenes, GABA, histidine, B1, B3, B5, folic acid, potassium, selenium, zinc, boron, tyrosine, tryptophan, vitamin C, and trace elements including zirconium. It is low in fat and one teaspoon has around 30 calories.


   Uses of Spray Dried Beet Root Powder Into The Food Industry

»  Beet root powder is used in many food and non-food products. Spaghetti sauces, gravy mixes,    salad dressings and dry coatings are just some of the ways that beet root powder enters our     lives.
»  Anything made with tomatoes has beet root powder.
»  Beet root powder is used for coloring, from makeup to foods, and is used as a dye for soaps     and clothes. Before our modern-day makeup companies, women rubbed beet root powder onto     their cheeks for added blush. It is the perfect substitute for artificial red dye, since it does not     cause any allergic reaction.
»  It is administered directly, whipped into a smoothie or drink, or sprinkled on food.


   Health Benefits Of Spray Dried Beet Root Powder


»  Beet root powder helps the liver and kidneys recycle the amino acid methionine to maintain the     body's stores of s-adenosyl-methionine, more commonly known as SAM-e.
»  It also helps the liver process fat. This prevents the accumulation of fatty tissues in the liver     steatosis, especially in heavy drinkers.
»  It also prevents excessive triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the blood.
» Other antioxidants in beet root prevent the oxidation of LDL into forms that can become     plaques.
»  It may also be helpful as a food choice for people with the rare disease cystathionine beta-     synthase deficiency.
»  Either beet root powder or supplemental trimethylglycine will lower homocysteine levels in this     disease, but beet root powder provides a greater range of nutrients.
»  According to the American Heart Association, beet juice can help lower blood pressure and it     is also noted that due to the high content of iron in beets, they are good for anemia.


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Red Beet Powder Juice,Rouge poudre de jus de betteraveRemolacha Roja polvo de jugo de, Suco em pó vermelho de beterrabaКрасный порошок свекольного сока, Rote Bete Saftpulver

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Remolacha Roja polvo de jugo de, Suco em pó vermelho de beterraba, Красный порошок свекольного сока, Rote Bete Saftpulver, Rouge poudre de jus de betterave, Kırmızı Pancar Suyu Tozu, Red Beet Powder Juice, Red Bietensappoeder, Κόκκινη σκόνη χυμού τεύτλων