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   Natural Bitter Gourd Powder


Botanical Source - Momordica Charantia
Family - Cucurbitaceae

Bitter Gourd is also called as Bitter Melon. It is among the most bitter of all fruits. There are many varieties that differ substantially in the shape and bitterness of the fruit. The fruit has a distinct warty exterior and an oblong shape. It is hollow in cross-section, with a relatively thin layer of flesh surrounding a central seed cavity filled with large flat seeds and pith. The fruit is most often eaten green, or as it is beginning to turn yellow. At this stage, the fruit's flesh is crunchy and watery in texture, similar to cucumber, chayote or green bell pepper, but bitter. The skin is tender and edible. Seeds and pith appear white in unripe fruits; they are not intensely bitter and can be removed before cooking. Bitter melon is generally consumed cooked in the green or early yellowing stage. The young shoots and leaves of the bitter melon may also be eaten as greens.


   Bitter Gourd Powder Uses into the Food Industry

»  It is often used in Chinese cooking for its bitter flavor, typically in stir-fries,soups, and also as     tea.
»  It is also been used in place of hops as the bittering ingredient in some Chinese beers.
»  It is often prepared with potatoes and served with yogurt on the side to offset the bitterness, or     used in sabji.
»  Popular recipes include preparations with curry, deep fried with peanuts or other ground nuts, a     soup with fried onions and other spices.
»  It is a significant ingredient in Okinawan cuisine, and is increasingly used in mainland Japan.
»  Bitter melon powder is used to prepare a fresh pickle.


   Medicinal Uses Of Bitter Ground Powder


»  Bitter melon powder is used in various Asian and African traditional medicine systems.
»  In Turkey it has been used as a folk remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly stomach     complaints.
»  Bitter Gourd is used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, and extracts have shown activity in vitro     against the nematode worm.
»  Bitter Gourd is also used to prevent malaria.
»  Bitter Guard is used against viral diseases such as chickenpox and measles. Laboratory tests     suggest that compounds in bitter melon might be effective for treating HIV infection.
»  The best and foremost use is Bitter melon also contains a lectin that has insulin-like activity    due to its non-protein-specific linking together to insulin receptors. This lectin lowers blood     glucose concentrations in the body.
»  Bitter melon Powder has been used in traditional medicine for several other ailments, including    dysentery, colic, fevers, burns, painful menstruation, scabies and other skin problems. It has     also been used as abortifacient, for birth control, and to help childbirth.


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