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  Natural Tomato Powder


Botanical Source - Solanum lycopersicum
Family - Solanaceae

The Tomato fruit is consumed in diverse ways, including raw, as an ingredient in many dishes and sauces, and in drinks. It is botanically a fruit; it is considered as a vegetable for culinary purposes. The tomato belongs to the nightshade family. There are around 7500 tomato varieties grown for various purposes. Tomatoes are often picked unripe (and thus colored green) and ripened in storage with ethylene. Unripe tomatoes are firm. As they ripen they soften until reaching the ripe state where they are red or orange in color and slightly soft to the touch. Tomatoes are now eaten freely throughout the world, and their consumption is believed to benefit the heart, among other organs.

Tomato Powder is one of the most widely used Vegetable Powders in the Food and Beverage Industry having applications in a host of Food Products. Tomato Powder is manufactured from Low temp. of spray dried technology. The Low temp. spray dried technology is the main USP of our powder as it helps to retain nutrient part, colour and taste.

Product grades
»  Tomato Powder – AB Grade
»  Tomato Powder – TPS Grade
»  Tomato Powder – DT Grade


    Natural Tomato Powder Uses into the food Industry

»  Tomato Powder is used for Seasonings and Savories, Sauces and Dipping, Soup Mixes, Snack     Foods, Curries and Gravies, Beverages, Baby Food.
»  Tomato powder is Ideal for Seasonings, Savories, Snack Foods and instant Fruit Mixes.
»  Most benefit of watermelon is that it contains high levels of lycopene--an antioxidant that may     help the body fight cancer and prevent disease.
»  It is also used in the varieties of Animal Food.
»  It is mainly used in different salads preparation.


   Health Benefits Of Tomato Powder


Tomato Powder contains Lycopene, A natural antioxidants and it has been shown by preliminar studies to be protective against several age-related diseases such as colorectal, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and pancreatic cancers, as well as some cardiovascular diseases.

Tomato powder addition in the food had a 26% risk reduction of death by prostate cancer.

Lycopene which is main ingredient in Tomato powder had a 31% reduction in their risk of pancreatic cancer.

Tomato Powder is also a very good source of dietary fiber, which has been shown to reduce "bad" cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar levels.

Tomatoes contain important amounts of niacin, vitamin B6, and folate, which are strongly related to a reduction in heart disease risk. Niacin has been used for years as a safe way to lower high cholesterol levels, while potassium has been proven to lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The presence of inflammatory markers such as TNF-alpha have been correlated to nearly all chronic degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, several cancers, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease.


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