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Caraway seed, Caraway oil,Organic Whole Caraway Seed, Dried Caraway Seed,alcaravea

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   Organic Caraway

Name - Organic Caraway
Botanical Name - Carum Carvi (LINN.)
Family Name - Apiaceae


The origins of the name caraway come from the Arabic al-karwiya, seeds; which some presume is the origin of the Latin word carvi and from Caria, where caraway may have first been used. Caraway seeds are small and brown, with a distinct crescent shape. Caraway is one of the oldest and first spices to be cultivated and used in Europe.


Caraway Seed is actually the fruit of a biennial herb in the parsley family, known as Carum carvi. The seed is about 1/5inch long and tapered at the ends. The hard seed shells have five pale ridges. caraway seeds are not technically seeds, but fruits. Nevertheless, they are commonly referred to as caraway seeds in the culinary arts.

   Uses Caraway In Food Industries

»  Caraway leaves and young shoots are used in desserts, salads and in some culinary dishes.
»  Caraway seeds are also used in liquors, cheese, sauces, soups, candy and cakes.
»  Caraway is use as an ingredient in sausages and as a seasoning and pickling spices.
»  The oil from caraway is useful chiefly for flavorings purpose.
» The essential oil from caraway seed is used to flavour marinades, preserved meats,    confectionery, condiments, candy, ice cream, and alcoholic beverages such as aquavit and     kummel.

   Health Benefits Of Caraway

»  Caraway seeds have been effective in reducing intestinal gas.
»  The health benefits of caraway have been used as an herbal medicine by many people.
» Other health benefits of caraway include clearing the respiratory tract, helping milk to flow   better among nursing mothers, killing bacteria and viruses, regulating menstruation, and     soothing muscle spasms.
» Antispasmodics, which are present in caraway, are thought to relax the uterus and may     provide relief from menstrual cramps.
» Caraway is used to aid the digestion, and is recommended for indigestion, gas, and infant    colic since time immemorial and in medicine as a carminative to relieve flatulence.

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