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   Organic Ragi / Finger Millet Flour

Product Type - Ragi / Finger Millet Flour
Botanical Name - Eleusine coracana
Family Name - Poaceae


Ragi / Finger millet (Eleusine coracana) is hardly "lost." Indeed, it is one of the few special species that currently support the world's food supplies. This African native probably originated in the highlands of Uganda and Ethiopia, where farmers have been growing it for thousands of years. In parts of eastern and southern Africa as well as in India, it became a staple upon which millions depend. And its annual world production is at least 4.5 million tons of grain, of which Africa produces perhaps 2 million tons. In India, finger millet (locally called ragi) is mostly grown and consumed in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. Finger millet can be ground and cooked into cakes, puddings or porridge. The grain is made into a fermented drink (or beer) in many parts of Africa. The straw from finger millet is used as animal fodder.



The height of Ragi / finger millet plant ranges from 40 cm to 1 meter, with the spike length ranging from 3 to 13 cm. The color of finger millet grains may vary from white through orange-red, deep brown, purple, to almost black. The grains are smaller than those of pearl millet. The typical mean weight of finger millet seed is about 2.6 grams. Finger Millet Flour is a very good to be included as a part of staple diet as it lot of essential nutrients, amino acids and minerals. Added to this is the fact that Finger Millet Flour has very low amount of fat content and reasonable amount of fiber.

   Uses of Ragi / Finger Millet Flour in food industries

»  A minority used finger millet flour to make alcohol. It is also used in common food stuffs such     as dosa, idly and laddu.
»  It is also used for as a flavored drink in festivals.
» Finger millet flour is made into flatbreads, including thick, leavened dosa and thinner,     unleavened roti. Ragi grain is malted and the grains are ground.

   Health Benefit of Ragi / Finger Millet Flour


»  Very high amount of calcium which are way more than others.
»  The Finger Millet also has traces of iron.
»  Healthy food for all age group.
»  Finger millet is used as a medicine for women when they give birth.

Harina de mijo dedo,Farinha Millet dedo,Finger муки Просо,Millet Farina Finger Finger-Hirse-Mehl,La farine d'éleusine,Parmak Millet Un,Αλεύρι δάχτυλο Κεχρί

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Organic Ragi/Finger Millet Flour, Farinha Millet dedo, Finger муки Просо, Finger-Hirse-Mehl, La farine d'éleusine, Parmak Millet Un, Millet Farina Finger, Finger gierstmeel, Αλεύρι δάχτυλο Κεχρί, Finger Millet Mjöl