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   Organic non GMO Soybean Seeds

Product Type - Oraganic.
Botanical Name - Glycine Max
Family Name - Fabaceae,Faboideae


We have 100% Organic non GMO Soybean Seeds direct from our organic farms. Our soybean is 100% organic as we strictly follow the organic norms, from growing, transportation, packaging and storage.We don't use any kind of chemicals,during the process of grading, cleaning and storage, we use only organic methods to maintain the product as organic.



We always prefer factory stuffing, and to make sure the container should be clean properly and then fully dried. Also, during the storage to maintain the viability of moisture, we keep silica gel into the container (After taking the permission from buyer). We keep craft paper into container below the bulk liner. Our TQM department attentive during the stuffing to make sure that any kind of unwanted object, material dose not enter into the liner.we also make sure the labor follows all the Quality and safety measures.


We offer Organic non GMO Soybean Seeds under following Specifications: Protein:- 37% Min or better
Oil content: - 18% Min
Moisture: - 12% Min
Purity: - 99% Min or Better
Splits: - 2% Max
Immature seeds: - 2% Max
Foreign material: - 1% Max
Dirt & Stains: - Not Allowed
Other Grains: - Not Allowed
Metal/Stones: - Not Allowed
Insect: - Not Allowed
Hazardous Material, Glass, Metals: - Not Allowed



Transaction Certificate (T.C).
Fumigation Certificate.
Phytosanitary Certificate.
Certificate of Origin or (GSP) Generalize system of preferences.
Lab report from renowned laboratory (according to the buyer choice).


Bulk in container / Bulk in liner, 50 / 25 Kg PP Bag

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