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Wheat, Wheat Flour Products, White Whole Wheat Flour,Trigo / Harina de trigo, Trigo / Farinha de trigo, Пшеница / Мука пшеничная

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   Organic Wheat/Wheat flour

Product Type - Wheat/Wheat flour
Botanical Name - Triticum spp
Family Name - Poaceae


There are several important crops all over the place. Wheat happens to be just one of them. Wheat is however one of the most popular crops that is grown all over the world. In actual fact, it is the second largest crop that is grown all over the world. The number one kind of crop that is grown mostly is corn and the second largest is wheat. Wheat contains lots of nutrients that had made it very well acceptable all over the world. It is so rich in protein. It is so popular to the extent that there is no part of the world where wheat is not grown. One of the factors that make wheat very popular is the fact that it can be grown in any climate; irrespective of the climatic condition. Wheat can be grinded dry and the powder can be used in the form of flower for baking bread and other kinds of baking.


Wheat is a widely grown winter crop. A wide range of varieties are available including dwarf, semi-dwarf and bearded varieties. Specialist grazing varieties and tall varieties for hay production are also available. Wheat is a staple food usually made into flour to make breads, cakes, cookies, noodles and even beer. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals and protein.

   Uses of wheat /wheat Flour

»  Wheat is most commonly ground into flour for use in the baking of breads; it is also eaten as a     porridge-type cereal. Other nutritive uses of wheat includes pasta, made from flour and eggs.
» Wheat is the major ingredient in most breads, rolls, crackers, cookies, biscuits, cakes,   doughnuts, muffins, pancakes, waffles, noodles, piecrusts, ice cream cones, macaroni,     spaghetti, puddings, pizza, and many prepared hot and cold breakfast foods.
» Much of the wheat used for livestock and poultry feed is a by-product of the flour milling     industry.
»  Wheat straw is used for livestock bedding. The green forage may be grazed by livestock or    used as hay or silage. In many areas of the southern Great Plains, wheat serves a dual      purpose by being grazed in the fall and early spring and then harvested as a grain crop.

   Health Benefits of Wheat / Wheat flour

» Besides being a high carbohydrate food, wheat contains valuable protein, minerals, and    vitamins. Wheat is an efficient source of protein, when balanced by other foods that supply     certain amino acids such as lysine.
»  Vitamin E found in it, is a powerful antioxidant when it comes to skin health and beauty. Its    boosts immunity and has anti-aging properties and can prevent heart diseases and even     cancer.
»  It contains octacosonal which improves mental agility and alertness.

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Organic Wheat/Wheat flour, Trigo / Harina de trigo, Trigo / Farinha de trigo, Пшеница / Мука пшеничная, Weizen / Weizenmehl, Blé / Farine de blé, Buğday / Buğday unu, Grano / Farina di frumento, Tarwe / Tarwebloem, Σιτάρι / Αλεύρι σίτου, Vete / Vetemjöl