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   Organic Celery seed

Product Type - Celery seed
Botanical Name - Apium graveolens L
Family Name - Apiaceae


Celery seed is the seed of plant closely related to celery, cultivated specifically for its aromatic, flavorful seeds. It can be found as an ingredient in spice mixes all over the world, and is also available plain in whole and ground form. Like other plants in the Apiaceae family, celery seed has a strong celery like flavor and aroma, with a faint hint of spiciness.



Celery was considered a holy plant in the classical period of Greece and the winners of the Nemean Games wore the celery leaves. Celery is a plant comprising an herb and its seed that are both used for culinary and medicinal uses. Celery Seed is the dried fruit of Apium graviolens, a biennial in the parsley family. Celery is an umbelliferous, aromatic, herbaceous plant grown for its leaves, seeds, oleoresin and essential oil. Celery plant is usually 30-60 cm high, erect with conspicuously jointed stems, bearing well-developed leaves on long expanded petioles. The rigid fruit is small, ovoid, 1 to 1.5mm long, 1 to 2mm in diameter, contains a small brown seed. Ground Celery seeds from the plant Apium Graveolens L. has a pleasingly crisp texture and widely used in foods and beverages.

   Usage of the Celery seed

»  Celery seeds are effective in treating gout. Uric acid build up in the body is associated with      development of gout.
»  It can be used for thinning blood. Intake of celery seeds could help to prevent heart diseases     and stroke resulting from clotting of blood.
»  Studies have shown that intake of celery seeds could cause moderate reduction in the blood     pressure level.
»  It could help to lower the total cholesterol level in the blood stream. These seeds can help     obese and overweight individuals to lose weight.
»  It is believed that celery seeds could prevent development of malignant cells, and reduce the     risk of colorectal cancer.
»  It contain apigenin and isoquerticin compounds that help blood vessels to expand, lowering      blood pressure.
»  Celery has been used as a food, for flavoring.
»  Celery is widely used as a spice in various cuisines in different parts of the world. It is used in     flavoring beverages, in meat seasonings, ice creams and baked goods, confectioneries etc

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