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   Organic Jawar

Product Type - Jawar
Botanical Name - Sorghum Bicolor
Family Name - Poaceae Standarization


Jawar is one of the most important fodder crops in dry land agriculture. This grain has wide range of application from humans to domestic animals. Creamy and White Jawar, Jawar (Sorghum) is fast-growing, warm weather annual that can provide plenty of feed in mid-summer during lean period. Sorghum is best suited to warm, fertile soils whereas cool, wet soils limit its growth. The crop tolerates drought relatively well, though adequate fertility and soil moisture maximize sorghum yields. The plant becomes dormant in the absence of adequate water, but it does not wilt readily. Growth resumes when moisture conditions improve.



Sorghum popularly known as jowar, is the most important food and fodder crop of dryland agriculture. In India, sorghum grain is eaten by human either by breaking the grain and cooking it in the same way as rice or by grinding it into flour and preparing chapatis. To some extent it is also eaten as parched and popped grain. This grain is also fed to cattle, poultry and swine. Sorghum grain contains about 10-12 per cent protein, 3 per cent fat and 70 per cent carbohydrates, therefore, it can satisfactorily replace other grains in the feeding programme for dairy cattle, poultry and swine. Its industrial use has tremendous scope. Jowar is well suited to grow in many types of soils and weather. It can be grown in harsh environments where other crops grow or yield poorly. They can be grown with limited water resources and usually without application of any fertilizers or other inputs. It provides Protein and Fat than any other cereals and is also a rich in leucine.

   Uses of Jawar

  Jawar is commonly used in India as marking bread (roti).
  Jawar is also consumed as popped Jawar , papad, cookies and other preparations.
  Flour is used for making unleavened flat bread, pancake dosa, porridge.
  Jowar is commonly eaten with the hull, which retains the majority of the nutrients. The plant is     very high in fiber and iron, with a fairly high protein level as well.
  Jowar are rich in antioxidants and all sorghum varieties are gluten-free, an attractive alternative     for wheat allergy sufferers.

Jowar Seeds, White Jawar, Jawar, jowar sorgo, Jowar,Sorghum Bicolor,Poaceae  Standarization

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Organic Jowar Seeds, White Jawar, Jawar, jowar, sorgo, Jowar, Sorghum Bicolor, Poaceae Standarization