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   Organic Moong Dal Split with shell

Product Type - Moong Dal Split with shell
Botanical Name - Vigna radiata
Family Name - fabaceae


Like other legumes, Moong Dal are low in fat and high in protein and fiber, but they have the added advantage of cooking quickly, It has a mild, often earthy flavor, and they're best if cooked with assertive flavorings. Moong dal split with shells are called "Chilke Moong". These beans can also be boiled and mashed in soups, stews, and sauces. Try soaking the dal overnight, then grounding it with water to make pancake and fritter batters.

   Nutritional value per 100g


Energy 1,452 kJ , Carbohydrate 62.62 g, Sugars 6.60 g, Dietary fiber 16.3 g, Fat 1.15 g, Protein 23.86g Vitamin C 4.8 mg (6%) ,Calcium 132 mg (13%), Magnesium 189 mg (53%), Phosphorus 367 (52%) Potassium 1246 mg (27%) ,Sodium 15 mg (1%)

   Uses Of Moong Dal split with shell in Food

» They are a major ingredient in a variety of Malaysian and Peranakan cuisine, including char     kway teow, hokkien mee, mee rebus, and pasembor.
»  Uncooked bean sprouts are used in filling for Vietnamese spring rolls, as well as a garnish for     phở.
»  It is used in most Asian countries. In China and Korea, soybean sprouts, called kongnamul     are more widely used in a variety of dishes.
»  Mung bean starch, which is extracted from ground mung beans, is used to make transparent     cellophane noodles.
»  Dehulled Mung beans and Mung bean paste are made into ice cream or frozen ice pop.
» Mung paste is used as a common filling for Chinese mooncakes in East Chinaand    Taiwan.Also in China, the boiled and shelled dal is used as filling in glutinous rice dumplings     eaten during the dragon boat festival.
»  Dehulled Mung can also be used in a similar fashion as whole beans for the purpose of making     sweet soups.
»  Mung beans in some regional cuisines of India are stripped of their outer coats to make mung    dal. InTamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, steamed whole beans are seasoned with spices and     fresh grated coconut in a preparation called sundal.
»  It is commonly use in South Indian Dishes.

   Healthy Uses Of Moong Dal


»  It possesses detoxicant, heat dispersing, diuretic, and hypolipemic properties.
» The most common traditional uses of Splitted Mung Dal include heat rash, prickly heat,   summer heat syndrome (restlessness, irritability, thirst, etc.), heatstroke, food and drug     poisoning, “toxic” conditions (erysipelas, carbuncles, boils, swellings, sores, etc.).
»  Although a common food in China, Mung dal is often eaten with therapeutic intentions. It is     especially popular in summer when it is eaten to prevent heatstroke, heat rash or prickly heat.
»  It contain rich quantities of Vitamin A, B, C and E
» They are also known to be an excellent source of many minerals, such as calcium, iron and     potassium.
» It is perfect food for reducing weight. It is recommended as a food replacement in many     slimming programs, as it has a very low fat content.
»  It is a rich source of protein and fiber, which helps one to lower the high cholesterol level in the     blood system.
»  The high fiber content of Mung Dal yields complex carbohydrates, which aid digestion.
»  Complex carbs are also effective in stabilizing blood sugar and prevent its rapid rise after meal     consumption, apart from keeping body’s energy at a balanced level.
»  Those who suffer from diabetes or high cholesterol are recommended frequent consumption of     Mung bean.

Moong Dal Green Split,pulses moong, moong dal con conchas abiertas, مونغ دال بقذائف الانقسام

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Organic Moong Dal Green Split, Pulses Moong, Moong Dal con conchas abiertas, مونغ دال بقذائف الانقسام, Moong Dal com conchas divididas, Moong дал с раздельным снарядов, Moong dal mit Halbschalen, Moong dal avec des coquilles fendues, Bölünmüş kabukları ile moong dal, Moong dal con conchiglie divise, Moong dal met split schelpen, moong dal med delade skal