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Organic Mustard Oil,aceite de mostaza, O óleo de mostarda, горчичное масло, Senföl 
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   Organic Mustard Oil (crude)

Name - Mustard Oil (crude)
Botanical Name - Brassica Juncea
Family Name - Brassicaceae


Consumption of edible oil is substantial throughout the country. All Indian households use it every day. Various types of edible oils are available in the country for e.g. Groundnut, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower, mustard etc. Edible oils are made from respective oil seeds by extraction process and there are some national as well as regional brands. The North-East region of the country consumes mustard oil in large quantity. Mustard Oil, slightly bitter, spicy aroma, the taste is unique, when used as pickles; pickled salad mixed with raw meat or seasoning, can also be used with soy, acts as a delicious sashimi sauce. Mustard powder odor after wetting out, has a strong stimulus to tear peppery, has a stimulating effect on taste, smell.



Mustard oil is considered to be oil that has low saturated fat as compared to other cooking oils. This pungent tasting oil is mostly used for cooking in parts of Gujarat, Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, Haryana and some other parts of India. It basically consists of fatty acid, oleic acid, erucic acid and linoleic acid. It has antioxidant and cholesterol reducing properties. It is also loaded with essentialvitamins. Though this oil is nutty tasting it is good for heart and also has many other benefits.

   Uses of Mustard oil in food industry

»  Mustard oil is used to make curries, deep fry Pakora, and make pickles. The oil is heated to a     smoking point and then cooled down, before using it.

   Health Benefits of mustard oil


»  Mustard oil Helps to stay away from coronary heart diseases.
»  It Helps to reduce hair fall through improved blood circulation if it is massaged on scalp.
» It can be used as an irritant for stimulating sensation in senseless organs and muscles.     Irritants are also useful for driving up muscles.
»  Mustard oil Helps preventing fungal growth, thus it can be used as anti-fungal.
»  Mustard oil Helps in winter for making body warm and generating mild irritating effect through     massage on body.
»  Mustard oil Helps making immune system strong.
»  Mustard oil Useful for treating cough and cold.
»  Mustard oil Protects teeth from germs if rubbed on gums and make gums.

   Other uses of Mustard Oil

»  Not only for cooking food but also this oil has importance in North-Indian tradition. It is used for    lighting 'diyas' during Diwali. It is also used in the ceremony called 'Mayian'. It is performed    one day before the wedding at both bride's and bridegroom's place. Read on to know more     about how mustard oil can prove beneficial in daily life.

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Organic Mustard Oil (crude), aceite de mostaza, O óleo de mostarda, горчичное масло, Senföl, L'huile de moutarde, Hardal yağı, olio di senape, Mosterd olie, σιναπέλαιο, senapsolja