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   Organic Parsely

Product Type - Parsely
Botanical Name - Petroselinum crispum
Family Name - Apiaceae


Parsley is universally regarded as the all purpose green garnish. It is by far the most commonly mentioned of herbs in recipes all over the world. Parsley though regarded as a humble herb - inexpensive and usually gracing the dinner table as a garnish. In recent years this simple and plentiful herb has gained its place in gourmet dishes and cooks are depending on parsley to provide flavor, texture and intensity to many recipes.



Parsley is a bright green, biennial herb having flat or curled, ternate compound leaves which are used as seasoning or garnish. Though there are more than 30 varieties of this herb, the most popular are curly-leaf parsley and the more strongly flavored Italian or flat-leaf parsley. Curly leaf parsley is usually used as a garnish. Many people feel that flat leaf parsley has a stronger flavor and this opinion is backed by chemical analysis which finds much higher levels of essential oil than what is found in the flat-leaved cultivators. Parsley derives from the Greek word meaning "rock celery" (parsley is a relative to celery).


   Uses of Parsley in food industry

 Parsley is used widely to garnish a whole range of delectable dishes like stews, sauces,     salads, cheese spreads, rice dishes, vegetable, and omelets and in fish preparations.
  Culinary Uses Leaves used as a garnish and to flavor butter, stuffing and savory sauces.
  Parsley can be used in anything from soups to sauces to vegetables.
  Parsley is the one of the main ingredients in dishes such as tabbouleh, a salad using bulgur,     mint, parsley and vegetables, and is the main herb used in stuffing for grape leaves.

   Health Benefits Of Parsley


  Parsley used to control high blood pressure also used as an emmenagogue.
  It clear the blood, dissolves sticky deposits in veins, maintains the elasticity of blood vessels,    facilitates removal of moderately sized kidney & gallstones, good to treats deafness and ear    infections, and benefits the sexual system. If there is bad breath ,chewing parsley prevents     from it.
  It cleanses and strengthens the kidney and can even help break up kidney stones.
  Parsley aids digestion and promotes a faster elimination of waste materials from the body.
 It boosts the immune system and protects against colds and infections.It acts as an anti-     inflammatory, reducing joint pain and stiffness.
  It can help to protect the body against heart disease and cardiovascular disease.
  Parsley can help with water retention, bloating, indigestion and flatulence.
  It is helpful in pregnancy and fertility.
  The calcium and fluorine that is present in parsley can strengthen bones and teeth.


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Organic Parsley, Indian Herb, Perejil, Salsa, петрушка, Petersilie, Persil, Maydanoz, Prezzemolo, Peterselie, μαϊντανός, Persilja