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De sésamo negro / blanco aceite de sésamo / ajonjolí , Gergelim preto / óleo de gergelim / sésamo branco , Черный кунжут / белый кунжут / кунжутное масло , Schwarzer Sesam / weiß Sesam / Sesamöl , De sésame noir / blanc de sésame / huile de sésame 
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   Organic Sesame Oil

Name - Sesame Oil
Botanical Name - Sesamum indicum
Family Name - Pedaliaceae


Sesame oil is sometimes called gingerly oil or teel oil. It enjoys a high reputation for its delicious strong fragrance. In the process of manufacturing, the sesame is stir-fried and produces a certain fragrant substance. It is this special fragrance that distinguishes sesame oil from any other oil. It is widely used in Southeast Asian and South Indian cuisines. Its color ranges from clear (cold pressed) to golden (Indian sesame oil) to dark brown. Sesame oil is considered to be the most stable plant oil and is least prone to rancidity and has a long shelf life when stored in a cool dark place away from light and heat. People like sesame oil not only because of its fragrance, but also due to its great medical functions. First of all, sesame oil is an ideal source of vitamin E, which promotes the segmentation of cells and slows down the process of aging. Secondly, it is a protector of blood vessels.



Our Sesame Oil is 100% Organic.Sesame oil is derived from a plant species called Sesamum indicum, which is a herbaceous annual belonging to the Pedaliaceae family that reaches about 6 ft (1.8 m) in height. Sesame has been used for millennia in Chinese and Indian systems of medicine. The oil is also used in cooking and as an ingredient in margarine and salad dressings as well as in certain cosmetics and skin softening products. Native to Asia and Africa, sesame is primarily cultivated in India, China, Africa, and Latin America. Only the seeds and oil of the sesame plant are used for medicinal purposes. Sesame oil, which is also referred to as benne, gingili, or teel oil, is made from the black seeds of Sesamum indicum. The large round seeds are extracted by shaking the dried plant upside down after making an incision in the seed pods

   Uses of Sesame oil

» Sesame oil has moderate amounts of saturated fats, and high amounts of unsaturated fats,    about 40% of monounsaturated fats and about 40% of polyunsaturated fats.
» Has a moderate amount of vitamin K, which prevents internal and external bleeding. Has no     cholesterol as in other plant oils.
» It is used as a solvent in injected drugs or intravenous drip solutions in pharmaceutical     industries.
»  Sesame seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment of piles. They can be taken in the form of     decoction or as sweet meats.
»  Ground to paste with water, they are given with butter for bleeding piles.
»  It is known to reduce cholesterol due to the high polyunsaturated fat content in the oil.

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