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Shatavari, hatavari, asparagus racemosus, Shatavari

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   Organic Shatavari

Name - Shatavari
Botanical Name - Laurus nobilis
Family Name - Lauraceae


Shatavari is a medicinal plant used for a variety of serious diseases as also impotency of both the sexes. Shatavari is a general tonic and also a female reproductive tonic. Shatavari is used as the main Ayurvedic rejuvenative tonic for females. Shatavari roots used as a drug acting on all tissues as a powerful anabolic. It is good for eyes, muscles, reproductive organs, increases milk secretion and helps to regain vigour and vitality. Sharatavari is a well known rasayana in Ayurveda & exerts cooling, astringent, adaptogen, galactogogue and antidepressant action. It is most suitable in lactation period as it enhances the quantity and quality of mother’s milk & helps in regaining strength. It is also advisable in convalescence , general weakness and white discharge per vaginum. Shatavari helps to relieve PMS symptoms, such as pain and controls blood loss during menstruation, besides regulating ovulation.



The plant is a climber growing to 1-2 m in length. The leaves are like pine-needles, small and uniform. The inflorescence has tiny white flowers, in small spikes. The roots are finger-like, and clustered. Shatavari is one of the best herbs for increasing ojas, the density of core vitality, the essence responsible for the basis of immunity and also the fundamental support of reproductive function.


   Uses of Shatavari

 Shatavari roots are used mainly as galactagogue which stimulates the secretion of breast     milk.
  It is applied in improving the lost body weight and also known as an aphrodisiac.
 Asparagus racemosus is an important medicinal plant of tropical and subtropical India. Its    medicinal usage has been reported in the Indian and British Pharmacopoeias and in traditional    systems of medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha.
 Juice of the Shatavari bark is mixed with milk and given to women for strengthening their     reproductive system and as treatment for gonorrhea.

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Organic Shatavari, Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae, Hatavari, Asparagus racemosus, Shatavari Shatavari Powder Herbs