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   Organic Tur / Toor Dal

Product Type - Tur / Toor Dal
Botanical Name - Pisum Sativum
Family Name - Fabaceae


In Indian cooking, dal is the main accompaniment that can be served with any type of rice be it plain rice or jeera rice etc, or Indian flat bread like roti, chapatti, naan etc as it provides the requisite proteins for a balanced meal. Toor dal or Tur dal is staple food in Indian cuisine. It is the main protein compliment for vegetarian diet when paired with a starchy food like rice and is a dish that is prepared everyday in most of the Indian homes. Dal is a great way to bring India flavors into your homes.



Toor dal or arhar dal is a split pigeon pea with subtle nutty flavor. It is one of the yellow dal. Toor dal is an ancient crop, believed to be cultivated for food since last 3000 years. Toor dal looks similar to chana dal and can be substituted with or for chana dal. In Indian grocery store, you can get toor dal with oil coating to increase its shelf life or one without oil coating. Toor dal is also used to make a poula Andhra dish Kandi Podi, which is ground toor dal with chana dal or mung dal along with spices such as dried red chili, hing, cumin, curry leaves, salt. Toor dal is also commonly known as rahar, toovar, togari, tuvaram paruppu, etc in local languages around Indian subcontinent. Also spelled, Tur dal.

   Uses of Toor Dal in food industry

  It is also used with lemon and vinaigrette to make salads.
 Toor dal is also used in, sambhar which is an accompaniment for dosa, idli or even rice is     cooked with toordal / dahl.
  Gujarati Dal - A staple diet in a Gujarati household and a delicacy in a non Gujarati household.     Made with Tuvar dal, this tangy, sweet and sour dal can tingle your senses and palates.
  Tuvar Dal is also used in making Khichdi.
  Yellow split peas can be made into a puree for serving with vegetables.
  It is also used with lemon and vinaigrette to make salads.

   Health Benefits Of Toor Dal


 Toor Dal provides many of the nutrients your body needs, such as protein, fat, and     carbohydrates. These foods serve as the best plant source of protein.
  The iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins in these foods help meet     vitamin and mineral requirements.
  It is high in dietary fiber, low in saturated fat, and cholesterol free.
  An excellent source of protein and fiber.
  When combined with rice you get a complete protein.

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